Do you have painful joints, spine, or neck? Do you wake up with body pain? Is your sleep interrupted because of pain? Do you suffer from back pain? Do you suffer from an autoimmune disorder? Showing signs or symptoms of menopause? Struggling to reach your fitness goals/weight loss? Are you having digestive issues? Are you looking for a spinal treatment specialist?

Are you having trouble maintaining good posture? Do you have injuries that haven’t fully healed? Do you feel sore or stiff after exercising? Are you fatigued or unable to lose weight? Are you struggling with fertility or gynecological issues? Are you having insomnia? Are you having migraines or headaches? Considering having back, neck, or joint surgery?

Our Mission

Healing Path 3’s mission is to help you achieve a sound and healthy state, free of physical pain, injuries and recurring conditions. A complete healing system developed over 29 years, HP3 offers a unique fusion of three powerful healing disciplines. This rare and effective approach will help create your path to restoration, rejuvenation and longevity, leading to more pain-free days and a happier and healthier life for you, your family and friends!

Classical Acupuncture

Herbal Therapy and Classical Acupuncture protocols are derived from the Su Wen, Nei-jing, Nan jing and Yellow Emperor’s Classic readings. These treatments address internal imbalances that often lead to chronic musculoskeletal and joint pain…

Neuromuscular Therapy

A hands-on therapy that treats chronic pain, muscle imbalance, spinal degeneration, joint compression, respiratory and digestive issues, postural distortion and can ultimately prevent injury.

Kinetic Link Training

KLT intrinsic exercises aims to address  weak links in your kinetic chain of movement, causing positive changes to occur along the spine, hip, legs, arms and finally the neck. This will help improve structural movement, posture and athletic performance!

For more than 3 years I suffered from chronic lower back and shoulder pain, which created a lack of general flexibility and mobility. In short, I wasn’t myself and couldn’t train as hard or as effectively as I wanted to.

After trying everything from yoga to pilates to massage and more, I was incredibly frustrated.  And then I met Lisa.

Lisa came highly recommended and has been incredible.  She’s helped strengthen my weaknesses and correct my structural and digestive imbalances, and she’s taught me how to stay focused, determined and disciplined.  She takes a holistic approach to physical training and health, and does not rush to conclusion with what’s wrong.  She’s patient, experienced and knowledgable, and is easy to work with. And she pushes me to overcome my limits and achieve more!

I would highly recommend Lisa for anyone that wants to reach their athletic potential overcome re-occurring health issues.

Jamie SniderManaging Partner Sevenpoint

I first sought treatment at Healing Path 3  for my severe migraines.  Lisa discovered a correlation between my high blood pressure and my migraines. Since I am a runner, she helped me with my bunion pain and cervical spinal stenosis. She explained the importance of correct posture while texting, sitting and reading to allow the neck to heal. She also corrected my running gait to improve my running and take the stress off my painful bunion. Lisa helped me with my nutrition and overall lifestyle, prescribing Chinese herbal formulas that address all of my issues. She has helped me heal my high cholesterol, high blood pressure, spinal stenosis, digestive issues, postural distortion, muscle imbalance and energy levels. Lisa is knowledgeable in so many areas as she offers classical acupuncture, Neuromuscular Therapy and Kinetic link training/corrective exercise.  She has patiently helped me with my health and I celebrate this everyday.

JuanitaPharmacy Technician/5K Competitive Runner

It is not possible in a sentence or a paragraph to describe all of what Lisa does and its incredible benefits to you as the client. Her ability to draw from multiple practices and sources really set her apart, but more importantly she practices what she preaches. Lisa exhibits all the characteristics of health that she tries to infuse in you. She is always vibrant with sparkling eyes that radiate her souls desire for you to get better.
What I have learned and experienced with Lisa has made my life better in every way. The past has lost it grip on me, the present is amazing and the future is now full of joy and possibilities.

ArthurTao Master

Lisa is the best practitioner I’ve ever worked with. I think of her as the body-whisperer. Her knowledge of sports and Chinese medicine is a powerful combo.

MarianneECAC/NCAA Champion

Lisa is an incredible healer.  She takes the time to get to know you as a person and listens carefully to everything you say.  She wants to understand the total picture and create the right treatment for your current situation.  She doesn’t just treat symptoms – she works to get at the underlying causes, even if they’re longstanding issues, and helps you become as healthy as you can possibly be.

She has studied extensively and offers a combination of acupuncture, neuromuscular therapy, and rehab exercise, whichever you need.  I run half marathons, and there’s no way I could do this without Lisa.  I’d have to go to three different practitioners just to get a part of what Lisa can do herself.

She’s very gentle with the needles and takes the time to explain what she’s doing and why.  She’s also willing to work with your MD – she knows how to read X-rays and MRIs.

She doesn’t just work on injuries and injury prevention – she is also great keeping you healthy in every way, helping with nutrition, pain, dealing with stress, not sleeping well, and other issues that come up.

Susan K.Creative Director/Producer

I have seen Lisa Sanchez first for sciatica and after for MS for some months now. I had two epidurals for the sciatica that did little, but with Lisa’s guidance alleviated the pain and MS symptoms through natural means. I’ve never felt better.

GinniSr. Systems Analyst