Acoustic High Pulse Wave Therapy

How does Acoustic High Pulse Wave Therapy (AHPWT) treatments help you heal and break up scar tissue?

One AHPWT treatment can open the blood gates leading to the injured site as it clears scar tissue, allowing quicker healing and joint mobilization, here’s how! This treatment delivers deep Acoustic High Pulse Waves to the soft tissues to help heal and build a strong, resilient and more flexible muscle free of adhesions (tissues that are stuck together) and knots. This allows the muscle to hypertrophy, increase in size and attain more definition.
When muscles are injured adhesions and scar tissue begin to form, closing the blood gates almost immediately. The injured soft tissue becomes less able to receive blood and oxygen, and therefore becomes ischemic. Since blood and oxygen are both vital and essential for any healing to occur this treatment is a sure approach for any soft tissue injury. Pain and ischemia go hand in hand, “wherever there is Pain, there is ischemia, and wherever there is ischemia there is Pain.” The truth is, wherever there is ischemia you’ll often find adhesions

Adhesions are among the top reasons why your injury is not healing and heres why:

I see adhesions and thick scar tissue far too often with my new patients. In my experience scar tissue treatment is often over looked but is in my view the most advanced way to achieve successful pre and post-op rehabilitation treatments..
For example, when there is an injury in a joint, say the knee or shoulder, the joint will become compressed quickly losing range of motion. The muscles that surround the joint become dysfunctional as they lose the normal sliding mechanism found in the contraction and relaxing of a healthy muscle fiber. This creates long-term stagnation furthering joint pain and loss of range of motion. This slows down the healing process causing the healing to plateau. These adhesion often form following an orthopedic surgery, postural distortion or with chronic injuries. Adhesions cause the fascia, tendons, ligament and soft tissue to get stuck together like glue, no longer allowing muscles to independently contract. Instead the muscle fibers contract like a knot and join together and move as a solid stuck unit. These adhesions cause pain as the muscles and soft tissues get stuck to each other and nearby ligaments and tendons. When this happens you not only have a joint issue you have an adhesion issue that forms thick scar tissue preventing the injured site from healing properly. 

AWT treatments coupled with the Sanchez System philosophy is the fastest, most advanced and innovative approach to pre and post op rehabilitation.

The Sanchez System approaches all healing from a 3-dimensional view addressing healing from all angles. The old way of dealing with injuries or post orthopedic surgeries can be seen as a “tunnel vision approach” once the Sanchez System is experienced. The patient is often prescribed the allowed 12 or 24 rehab sessions of ultra sound, electro-stimulation, ice, heat, light massage and strengthening addressing only the site of injury. The Sanchez System fuses three disciplines together creating a powerful synergy of healing through classical Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Kinetic Link Training. The Sanchez System rehabilitation and internal healing begins from the inside and moves outward toward the musculoskeletal system. For true healing to occur the internal workings of the body must be cultivated and balanced to reach the outer musculoskeletal system. With the Sanchez System steps are taken to uncover and resolve the root causes of your pain and internal conditions. Once the root causes are identified the Sanchez System is ready to begin and the body can be treated as a whole and not just the injured area.